Campaign Milestone

Introducing Canada’s Arctic Marine Atlas

Our new atlas provides a comprehensive overview of the Arctic marine environment, from the people who rely on its natural resources to the marine mammals and seabirds that thrive there.
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Oceans North Executive Director Louie Porta at the JPAC meeting in Toro Negro, Puerto Rico.

Travel Story

Lessons in Community Resilience

What recovering from disasters can teach us about adapting to our shared future.
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Part of Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, displayed in 2D using aerial imagery collected by the drone.


How Drones Can Help Nova Scotia Communities Adapt to Climate Change

Maps can help people better understand and visualize the threats our coastline is facing, as well as help identify current and future issues.
Microplastics Sampling in Pond Inlet

Collecting seawater samples through the ice outside Pond Inlet, Nunavut.

Floe Edge Blog

Pilot Program Conducts Ocean Plastics Workshop with Youth from Nunavut’s Pond Inlet

The Arctic Community Ocean Plastics Initiative samples seawater to look for microplastics and trains northern youth to build capacity for community-based plastic monitoring in the Arctic.
Beluga whale watching in Churchill

An adult beluga whale approaches a tourist boat. Many thousands of tourists come to Churchill each summer wanting to see these white whales up close.

Guest Post

Studying How Belugas Interact with Churchill’s Whale-watching Boats

In July, Oceans North launched a study examining how beluga whales in Manitoba’s Churchill River spend their time and how they behave around whale-watching boats and other tourism-related vessels.
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Atlantic herring.


Decision-Makers Are in the Dark on Atlantic Herring

We need more scientific information to ensure herring's future in Atlantic Canada.
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Twenty-seven Years After the Cod Collapse, We Still Haven’t Learned Our Lesson

A strong Northern Cod stock could help rural Newfoundland and Labrador—if it isn't overfished first.
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Time-lapse camera image from "Floe Cam" on Mt. Herodier above Eclipse Sound.

Floe Edge Blog

Sea Ice Cams Spring to Life in Nunavut’s Eclipse Sound

Time-lapse sea-ice cameras installed a year ago in Nunavut's Eclipse Sound have come back to life and are sending images of this Arctic region.